Agri Inputs

The backbone of any agricultural revolution is access of farmers to modern agricultural inputs. Agricultural inputs are a great determinant of yields in any type of agricultural production. In the modern world today, agriculture has become extremely dynamic therefore, making the kind of inputs that are being used in the sector today has to be world class & upgraded. KCPMC has always pioneered to provide the best solutions to the farming community. Today Agri Inputs division is the mainstay business house for the group. With the basket of products we surely believe “KCPMC” will be the most preferred choice for planters for the below reasons.

  • Keeping in mind the change in consumer needs & wants ,KCPMC always strive hard to make available all slots of quality products in nutrient management & Crop Protection Solutions. Offering the maximum product range to its customers, KCPMC values his freedom of choice

  • KCPMC have well stocked branches, spread across the district of Idukki,Ernakulam & Wayanad. To serve the small & medium farmers who are located in the deep interiors are simultaneously being catered by the sub decades of us.

  • The vigilant sales force of KCPMC who are professionally trained ,further extends their support for the technical & commercial needs of the planter. The team is monitored & guided by experience regional managers.

  • KCPMC being close associates of all major domestic & multinationals in the industry , We are able to gather the latest techniques in agri operations ,current market trends & other valuable informations & we rejoice in sharing our knowledge to our customers.

  • With the supply chain efficiency & higher quantity turnovers for our principles, we are able to offer the most competitive price to our customers.

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