Cardamom Trade

While Kerala is the origin of most of the Cardamom produced in India, trade in Cardamom happens mostly from Bodinayakkanur in Tamil Nadu. KCPMC has a strong presence in the ‘Bodi’ market and does vibrant trade with northern India where most of the Cardamom is consumed. Cardamom trade by KCPMC also has a hidden benefit for our customers in ensuring truly genuine prices at auctions, which is represented by a large number of traders from all over India. Our long term plans include an ambitious project to trade and export a variety of commodities produced in Southern India, thereby developing the division into a trading house. KCPMC is a registered exporter under ‘SPICES BOARD’ and member of “ALL INDIA SPICES EXPORTERS FORUM”. In 1997, KCPMC entered the world of Cardamom exports, bringing in valuable foreign earnings into the country. We mainly export cardamom to the GCC countries

A Professional Management Team with experienced stalwarts in the cardamom industry manages the Trade division at Bodi. In House cleaning and grading facilities. The procured cardamom undergoes a quality test so that it meets the quality specifications of the importer. After thorough examination and export quality inspection, it is shipped out to various destinations.

The best variety is known as Alleppey Green Extra Bold (AGEB).


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